We are making "Pusku pusku" bean bags with love! Product quality control is observed in the process of manufacturing of bean bags, which is ensured by assigning a quality code in every phase of manufacturing.

All bean bags consist of two bags:

·         an inside bag, which is filled with a bean bag filling, i. e. polystyrene (EPS) beads;

·         an outside bag, which is easy to take off and wash or clean (depending on the kind of textile it is made of).

Strong zippers with wide teeth are used for outside bags. Pulls of zippers are hidden under the seam of the cloth thus ensuring protection of the floor covering from damage. All inside bags have zippers, which enables the manufacturer to regulate the quantity of the filling that determines softness of the bean bag.Only strong cloths of special selection and tested by means of the Martindale textile resistance test are used for manufacturing our bean bags. 


Polystyrene beads that are used for the filling are getting naturally compressed by seating in the course of time. Higher durability and higher density granules are used for “Pušku pušku” bean bags. With the aim to prevent the fire risk, non-flammable granules that are certified as conforming DIN 4102 standard are used for bean bags.

Bean bags are packed in two ways on the request of the client:

·         in two thick and strong bags made of recycled polyethylene or

·         in a cardboard box containing a pre-packed product in a protective polyethylene bag.


Elements for bean bags are cut out semi-automatically. This method enables the manufacturer to avoid any divergence from the set measurements and eliminate defects in the final product.  Edges of all textile elements (cut-outs) used for the manufacturing of bean bags are thread-hemmed thus preventing the cloth from ravelling and ensuring high quality of the product.Bean bags are sown by making a double-stitched seam with reinforced (enhanced strength) threads.

Soft woven labels are used for labelling bean bags.

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